Redneck Racing Inc. 
P.O. Box 11696  Jackson,Wyoming 83002

A message from the owner,

    Redneck Racing was originally founded back in 2004.  Myself and several of my friends needed a common banner to associate us together while racing and hosting charity fund raising events.  Thus, came the name we have flown under for almost ten years now, Redneck Racing.  Through the years Redneck has taken many forms and has served many purposes.
    In the beginning Redneck Racing sponsored racers in snow cross, snowmobile hill climbs, motor cross, demolition derby and figure eight racing.  As Redneck Racing began to grow, so did the things we were involved in.  In 2007 I became the owner of Action Snowmobile & RV, the Polaris Industries dealership here in Jackson, Wyoming.  Many doors opened for the further development of Redneck Racing and it's members.  The racing involvement expanded into four wheelers, street bikes and circle track.  Fund raising events and charity involvement grew amazingly with the dealership exposure.  Over the years we have been able to see the racers we sponsored grow into semi pro and pro division racers.  With the combined assets of Redneck Racing and Action Snowmobile we were able to raise over $100,000 in funding for such associations as;  Jackson Hole Teen Center, Teton County Fire and Rescue and the Pink Ribbon Riders.  Custom Polaris RZR's, full size RMK's, and youth machines were often gave away as grand prizes.  Many of these machines had small parts and pieces that were custom made by us and our supporting companies such as gun racks, camera mounts, flasher kits, and most of the time custom painted as well.  If there was not something out on the market we needed, we just built it.
    In 2008 most Polaris dealers started having problems with the 800 c.c. machines.  I grew tired of my dealership rebuilding engine after engine only to have it come back in a few hundred miles.  Tired and frustrated my dealership started to look for the source of the problem.  After some time I realized that I had seen this same problem only one other time and I came up with an idea.  Like any other business owner, did not have the time to do all the research and development by myself so I used all the assets at my disposal.  I informed my employees of my idea and had them help me to develop it. I even went as far as to include one of my customers in my new project.  When myself and my newly formed team found my idea to work is when the first problems arose.
    I gave each of my team shares in the invention to keep them motivated, even though they were paid to help me develop my idea.  I even went as far as including them as joint inventors on the patent application.  After the first season of sales things were going good we were working on a second generation of my design, then my three new partners decided they wanted more.  More shares, more money and myself out of the picture, or should I say that is what I found out.  When I refused to give them more than I had already given, they planned an all out assault on Redneck Racing.  These men I trusted, came into the Redneck Racing office early one morning and stole  four years worth of hard work along with all the inventory, research and development data, as well as Action Snowmobile's customer data base.  All of this of course was captured on surveillance camera that I will upload later.  After this, my team started their own company with all of Redneck Racing's assets, technology and research.  Please watch the videos and read about the Performance Enhancement Kit developed by this company, and then compare all the evidence against their newly formed Most Wanted Performance.  A very fitting name for a bunch of thieves.  I will keep the website up to date as possible with all the evidence and thanks to all those out there that support Redneck Racing.

Thank You,
Shaun King